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    I1 R.K.Owen ancestors - I1: Richard Kent or R.K. Owen (Ph.D.)
    I100 R.K.Owen ancestors - I100: Thore Ferdinand Hultman
    I101 R.K.Owen ancestors - I101: Johan Oscar Hultman
    I102 R.K.Owen ancestors - I102: Hilma Augusthe Hultman
    I103 R.K.Owen ancestors - I103: Gustof Hjalmar Hultman
    I104 R.K.Owen ancestors - I104: Thora Hultman
    I105 R.K.Owen ancestors - I105: Josephine Hultman
    I106 R.K.Owen ancestors - I106: Emma Hultman
    I107 R.K.Owen ancestors - I107: Melvin Hultman
    I108 R.K.Owen ancestors - I108: Albert Hultman
    I109 R.K.Owen ancestors - I109: Johannes Tostensen
    I11 R.K.Owen ancestors - I11: Richard Owen
    I110 R.K.Owen ancestors - I110: Helene Kristensdatter
    I111 R.K.Owen ancestors - I111: Tosten
    I112 R.K.Owen ancestors - I112: Kristian
    I113 R.K.Owen ancestors - I113: Selma Hultman
    I114 R.K.Owen ancestors - I114: Emil Wittnebel
    I12 R.K.Owen ancestors - I12: Mary Luetta Hallett
    I120 R.K.Owen ancestors - I120: Aaron Hultman
    I121 R.K.Owen ancestors - I121: Neal Hultman
    I122 R.K.Owen ancestors - I122: Jon Olsen
    I125 R.K.Owen ancestors - I125: Mette Eilevsdatter
    I128 R.K.Owen ancestors - I128: Randi Arntsdatter
    I129 R.K.Owen ancestors - I129: Karsten Torstensen
    I139 R.K.Owen ancestors - I139: Eleseus Evensen
    I140 R.K.Owen ancestors - I140: Anders Nilsen
    I141 R.K.Owen ancestors - I141: Michel Rasmussen or Vordal
    I142 R.K.Owen ancestors - I142: Olava Johnsen
    I15 R.K.Owen ancestors - I15: Laurence Edmund Hallett
    I16 R.K.Owen ancestors - I16: Hazel Vordal
    I17 R.K.Owen ancestors - I17: David Vordal Hallett
    I18 R.K.Owen ancestors - I18: Peter Olsen Vordal
    I19 R.K.Owen ancestors - I19: Julia Olsen
    I20 R.K.Owen ancestors - I20: Mary Ovedia Vordal
    I21 R.K.Owen ancestors - I21: Elinor Vordal
    I22 R.K.Owen ancestors - I22: Anna Marie Hultman
    I23 R.K.Owen ancestors - I23: David Fowers Hallett
    I24 R.K.Owen ancestors - I24: Matilda Cummings
    I26 R.K.Owen ancestors - I26: Gunhild Johnson
    I27 R.K.Owen ancestors - I27: Ole Andersen
    I30 R.K.Owen ancestors - I30: Oscar Vordal
    I31 R.K.Owen ancestors - I31: Olga Vordal
    I32 R.K.Owen ancestors - I32: Ole Andreas Olsen
    I33 R.K.Owen ancestors - I33: Mette Evensdatter
    I34 R.K.Owen ancestors - I34: Even Nilsen (Undlin)
    I35 R.K.Owen ancestors - I35: Anne Seselia Mikelsdatter
    I36 R.K.Owen ancestors - I36: Ole Pedersen
    I37 R.K.Owen ancestors - I37: Marte Eriksdatter
    I38 R.K.Owen ancestors - I38: Erik Eriksen
    I39 R.K.Owen ancestors - I39: Marit Johannesdatter
    I40 R.K.Owen ancestors - I40: Mette Olsdatter
    I41 R.K.Owen ancestors - I41: Peder Olsen
    I42 R.K.Owen ancestors - I42: Stillborn Olsdatter
    I43 R.K.Owen ancestors - I43: Eilev Olsen
    I44 R.K.Owen ancestors - I44: Marte Lavina Olsdatter
    I45 R.K.Owen ancestors - I45: Peder Arntsen (Vordal)
    I46 R.K.Owen ancestors - I46: Arnt Ellingsen (Fossing)
    I47 R.K.Owen ancestors - I47: Marit Olsdatter
    I48 R.K.Owen ancestors - I48: Ole
    I49 R.K.Owen ancestors - I49: Arnt Pedersen
    I50 R.K.Owen ancestors - I50: Kirsten Pedersdatter
    I51 R.K.Owen ancestors - I51: Anne Henricka Pedersdatter
    I52 R.K.Owen ancestors - I52: Johanne Pedersdatter
    I57 R.K.Owen ancestors - I57: Erik
    I58 R.K.Owen ancestors - I58: Rani Eriksdatter
    I59 R.K.Owen ancestors - I59: Johan Eriksen
    I60 R.K.Owen ancestors - I60: Marte Eriksdatter
    I61 R.K.Owen ancestors - I61: Anne Sophie Eriksdatter
    I62 R.K.Owen ancestors - I62: Randi Eriksdatter
    I63 R.K.Owen ancestors - I63: Erik Eriksen
    I64 R.K.Owen ancestors - I64: Otte Eriksen
    I65 R.K.Owen ancestors - I65: Johannes
    I66 R.K.Owen ancestors - I66: Martha Olsen Vordal
    I67 R.K.Owen ancestors - I67: Ole Olsen
    I68 R.K.Owen ancestors - I68: Ole Olsen
    I69 R.K.Owen ancestors - I69: Seselia Olsdatter
    I70 R.K.Owen ancestors - I70: Even Olsen Vordal
    I71 R.K.Owen ancestors - I71: Ole Martin Olsen
    I72 R.K.Owen ancestors - I72: Janetta Olsdatter
    I73 R.K.Owen ancestors - I73: Lavina Olsen Vordal
    I74 R.K.Owen ancestors - I74: Loretta McCormick
    I75 R.K.Owen ancestors - I75: Marthine Johannesdatter
    I77 R.K.Owen ancestors - I77: Nils Evensen (Elverhaug)
    I78 R.K.Owen ancestors - I78: Erik Evensen
    I79 R.K.Owen ancestors - I79: Bernt Evensen (Undlin)
    I80 R.K.Owen ancestors - I80: Olava Evensdatter
    I81 R.K.Owen ancestors - I81: Arnt Peter Evensen (Undlindalen)
    I82 R.K.Owen ancestors - I82: Eleseus Evensen
    I83 R.K.Owen ancestors - I83: Elen Seselia Evensdatter
    I84 R.K.Owen ancestors - I84: Martin Evensen (Undlindalen)
    I85 R.K.Owen ancestors - I85: Nils Estensen (Undlin)
    I86 R.K.Owen ancestors - I86: Berit Evensdatter
    I87 R.K.Owen ancestors - I87: Esten Nilsen
    I88 R.K.Owen ancestors - I88: Inger Evensdatter
    I89 R.K.Owen ancestors - I89: Marte Nilsdatter
    I9 R.K.Owen ancestors - I9: Marsha Kay Ottum
    I90 R.K.Owen ancestors - I90: Inger Nilsdatter
    I91 R.K.Owen ancestors - I91: Esten Nilsen
    I92 R.K.Owen ancestors - I92: Esten Nilsen
    I93 R.K.Owen ancestors - I93: Anne Kirstine Nilsdatter
    I94 R.K.Owen ancestors - I94: Erik Nilsen
    I95 R.K.Owen ancestors - I95: Olaus Nilsen
    I96 R.K.Owen ancestors - I96: Peder Olaus Nilsen
    I97 R.K.Owen ancestors - I97: Nilsen
    I98 R.K.Owen ancestors - I98: Nildatter
    I99 R.K.Owen ancestors - I99: Berit Nilla Nilsdatter

    index Commendatory Letters for Dr. R.K. Owen
    leyland Dr. Jane Anne Leyland Letter
    NERSC1 NERSC Spot Award
    rhansen Reed S. Hansen Letter
    SSbonus1 Sterling Software Bonus
    vanaja Dr. C.T. Vanajakshi Letter

    index Ph.D. Dissertation - index

    references Résumé - R.K.Owen Ph.D. - References

    index Source Code & Scripts - index

    bchop Applications - Bchop

    elvis.patch Various Patche Files - Elvis < > Matching
    kernel.patch Various Patche Files - Linux Kernel
    mm4.patch Various Patche Files - Modified m4
    rxvt.patch Various Patche Files - RXVT "wide" scroll bars

    color Utilities - color
    mexpn Utilities - mexpn
    netup Utilities - netup

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