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Here is some "helpful" information on how to navigate through this web site. In particular what some of the icons & symbols are supposed to mean. The goal specified in "The Pledge" is to make the look & feel of this website as consistent as possible. Therefore, the following symbols will generally have the same meaning everywhere. You can view or download all the images generally used at this website.

Symbol Description
(Dr.R.K.) The unifying symbol of this website. Jumps to a page of personal information of the WebMaster or to the website home page for slides.
Up Go to the top of the current web page
Down Go to the bottom of the current web page
Left Go to the previous page in a logical sequence
Right Go to the next page in a logical sequence
UP Go up one logical level in the website
RIGHT Go to the "Frames" format of webpages
LEFT Leave the "Frames" format to the non-Frames webpages
blank Blank, null, do nothing, a place holder
Dr.RK Go to the root or home page of this website
Key Show the keyword index for this website
Map Show the site map for this website
New Show what webpages are new or changed
? Bring you here
Linux Go to the Linux Focus page

Brought to you by: R.K. Owen,Ph.D.
This page is http://rkowen.owentrek.com/help.html