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This page contains all the images and icons that are commonly used within this website. There is a separate page for the special Greek & math symbols. If you click the "load images" button for your browser while in this page then all the little gifs will be loaded and, hopefully, cached for your browser.

If you click on any of the images, that will have the effect of loading the gif by itself. This allows you to "save as ..." the gif to your local machine.

To the right of each image is the m4 macro defined to aid webpaging authoring, and further information. (Note that this page is best viewed with a tables capable browser.)

Image Macro file size(bytes)
(Dr.R.K.) _DRRKO drrko.gif 446
R.K's Picture _RKO_IMAG RKOwen.jpg 41088
R.K's old picture _RKO_OLD_IMAG rkowen.png 16730
Tux _TUX tux.gif 30317
PaNiC button _PaNiC panic.small.png 3187
Under Construction _UNDER_CONSTRUCTION czone.gif 3309

Image Macro file size(bytes)
Left _LEFT_Y arrow_lf_y.gif 311
Right _RIGHT_Y arrow_rt_y.gif 297
Up _UP_Y arrow_up_y.gif 311
Down _DOWN_Y arrow_dn_y.gif 311
Left _SM_LEFT_Y sm_arrow_lf_y.gif 148
Right _SM_RIGHT_Y sm_arrow_rt_y.gif 146
Up _SM_UP_Y sm_arrow_up_y.gif 152
Down _SM_DOWN_Y sm_arrow_dn_y.gif 152
blank _SM_ICON_ sm_icon_.gif 97
Up _SM_UP_R sm_arrow_up_r.gif 144
LEFT _LEFT_R arrow_lf_r.gif 287
RIGHT _RIGHT_R arrow_rt_r.gif 283
UP _UP_R arrow_up_r.gif 284
DOWN _DOWN_R arrow_dn_r.gif 283
blank _ICON_ icon_.gif 171
Key _ICON_K icon_k.gif 228
Map _ICON_M icon_m.gif 246
New _ICON_NEW icon_new.gif 241
? _ICON_Q icon_Qm.gif 219
Linux _ICON_TUX icon_tux.gif 1024
Dr.RK _ICON_DRRK icon_drrk.gif 266

Brought to you by: R.K. Owen,Ph.D.
This page is http://rkowen.owentrek.com/images/index.html