(Dr.R.K.) Web Paging - design outline

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These are the design goals for this collection of web pages by Dr. R.K. Owen. However, not all of them have been implemented, and those on the fringes may never be implemented by me.
  • Design Philosophy
    • reasonably easy to implement
    • easy to maintain
    • intuitive web paths
    • global update of changeable info - via links or using cron jobs
    • time stamped web pages
    • source management (e.g. RCS)
  • Implementation
    • consistent interface
      • "home", "up", "next", and "previous" buttons
      • context sensitive help
    • dynamic interface (interactive and changing)
    • multifaceted - multilevel <-> users (new / experienced)
      • multiple look & feel
      • expandable outlines (e.g. outliners)
      • examples - runnable code
    • natural language queries
    • expert systems for problem resolution or queries
    • "Human interface"
      • personalize interface to individual
      • highlight what's new since the individual was last on
      • tailor pages to the individuals past interest
  • Content
    1. automatic - "what's new" - time based hierarchy
    2. indexed
    3. glossary of terms
    4. FAQs or HOWTOs
    5. online:
      • pointers to vendors
      • schedule of events & people
    6. conversion tools - code, data, scripts - for users to port from one environment to another
    7. code optimization - checklist / hierarchy
    8. summary articles (with pointers)

Brought to you by: R.K. Owen,Ph.D.
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