(Dr.R.K.) Web Philosophy and Pledge

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If you're looking for a "flashy" home page with lots of useless in-lined GIFs that add nothing to the content GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I could add all sorts of "pretty" pictures that increase the network bandwidth, but I believe this violates the principle behind HTML: "content is more important than form". HTML was designed to logically mark-up a document and leave the formatting to the viewer's pleasure.

My goal is to have automatic webpage generation, via the m4 macro program, to hide most of the HTML details, however still allowing full access to the underlying HTML, if desired.

I also grant that the macro and auxiliary sources can be redistributed according to the GNU copyleft or public license (GPL).


I will:

  • add value with content not candy for the eyes.
  • have a consistent look for each and every web page.
  • not increase the network bandwidth with trivial and useless junk.
  • attempt to use portable or common HTML standards.
  • each image will have a descriptive title, such that if the user's browser has disabled auto-image-download or does not have image capability, then the image place holder will still be meaningful.
  • attempt to present the information in a coherent and understandable manner.
Whether I succeed, you be the judge of that!

Brought to you by: R.K. Owen,Ph.D.
This page is http://rkowen.owentrek.com/pledge.html