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This is R.K.Owen's genealogy, with respect to his direct line along with siblings of his direct ancestors. The purpose for this excercise is to have these names indexed so that anyone else searching for a common ancestor will contact R.K. Owen and, perhaps, extend his ancestral line.

These lines are of most interest to me and any further information is appreciated.

Here are the jumping off points for browsing the ancestral tree. Also the left Left and right Right yellow arrows have been overloaded to refer to the Persons and Surnames indexes respectively for easier browsing.

The web pages were generated by using a modified unregistered version of ged2html by Eugene W. Stark. The current version is not available, but the earlier v2.4a Unix sources are available and formed the basis for this conversion. The GEDCOM file was produced by PAF 3.01M (the last DOS version). Newer M$ Windoze versions of PAF can be downloaded for free from http://www.familysearch.org/
The patch of ged2html modifications can be retrieved from ftp://ftp.owentrek.com/

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