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  • I live in San Jose, California and can be reached by email.
  • Consider myself to be hard working, strong moral standards, and self motivated.
  • Graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics from U.C. Berkeley, but always had a deep love for fast computers and sleek algorithms.
  • Taught myself the computer programming & scripting languages: BASIC, Fortran, C, 6502 assembly, TeX, LaTeX, Tcl/Tk, C-shell, Bourne shell, lex, yacc, m4, regex, SQL, PL/SQL, perl, and php.
  • Maintain, and develop the 3x5 (3 by 5) index card project (http://sourceforge.net/projects/i3x5/).
  • Maintain, develop, and OSS project lead for the Environment Modules project (http://modules.sourceforge.net).
  • Currently, using & modifying m4 to create WWW pages. Investigating how to push the macro preprocessing into the httpd daemon to do away with the intermediate .html pages all together.
    The fruit of R.K.'s labor during his Sterling Software tenure at the National Areodynmic Simulation program at NASA/Ames is no longer available.
  • Continue to further my education by taking UC, Santa Cruz extension classes in Posix system calls, Fuzzy Logic, C++, Object-Oriented programming and design, and UNIX workstation system administration. All courses have been completed with an A or an A+ grade.
  • My hobbies include amateur electronics, administering home DOS & Linux computer systems, rock collecting, hiking, geocaching and biking.
  • A member of, develop and maintain the Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society web site (http://www.scvgms.org).
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  • I'm married and a father of 4 children, which keeps me pretty busy at home.

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