(Dr.R.K.) Publication List

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The publications are given in reverse order (from most recent to oldest).
  1. "Hnefatafl - The Viking Board Game"
    R.K.Owen, AWL News 3 no. 8, (Apr 1999) 3
  2. "Registering in the U.S. Domain (For Free)"
    R.K.Owen, Linux Journal issue 39, (July 1997) 91-93
  3. "So Optimization Breaks Your Code ..."
    R.K.Owen, Proceedings: 38th Semi-Annual Cray Users Group Meeting Charlotte, North Carolina (Oct 14-18, 1996) 208-210
  4. "High-speed Processor Techniques: Converting Fortran Binary Files Between the CRAY C90 and Workstations"
    Robert Hirsch, R.K.Owen, NAS News 2 no.17, (May-Jun 1996) 4
  5. "Monitoring Object Library Usage and Changes"
    R.K.Owen, Proceedings: 36th Semi-Annual Cray Users Group Meeting Fairbanks, Alaska (Sep 25-29, 1995) 373-9
  6. " High-speed Processor Techniques: Mathematical Libraries Offer Wide Variety of Tools for CRAY C90 Users"
    R.K.Owen, NAS News 2 no.11, (Jul-Aug 1995) 4
  7. "High-speed Processor Techniques: Mathematical Libraries Offer Wide Variety of Tools for CRAY C90 Users"
    R.K.Owen, NAS News 2 no.11, (Jul-Aug 1995) 4
  8. "High-speed Processor Techniques: Vectorizing Linear Recurrences"
    R.K.Owen, NAS News 2 no.9, (Mar-Apr 1995) 6
  9. "Cray Y-MP Math Libraries"
    R.K.Owen, ACSF On_line 14 no.1, (Jan 1992) 4
  10. "Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Library Update"
    R.K.Owen, ACSF On_line 13 no.12, (Dec 1991) 4
  11. "Math Library Linear Algebra Routines"
    R.K.Owen, ACSF On_line 13 no.8, (Aug 1991) 4-5
  12. "Uniformly Distributed Random Numbers"
    R.K.Owen, ACSF On_line 13 no.4, (Apr 1991) 4-5
  13. "Quantum Monte Carlo Methods and Lithium Cluster Properties"
    R.K.Owen, Ph.D. Dissertation,UC,Berkeley (1990)
  14. "Monte Carlo study of electron correlation functions for small molecules"
    Z.Sun, P.J.Reynolds, R.K.Owen, W.A.Lester,Jr. Theo.Chem.Acta 75 (1989)353
  15. "Lithium Clusters (N=1-8): Equilibrium Geometries and Ionization Potentials"
    R.K.Owen, W.A.Lester,Jr. 9th annual West Coast Theoretical Chemistry Conference (June 10-12, 1987)
  16. "Is there a zeroth order time-step error in diffustion quantum Monte Carlo?"
    P.J.Reynolds, R.K.Owen, W.A.Lester,Jr. J.Chem.Phys. 87 (1987)1905
  17. "A multidimensional study of a 50-MeV,1500-rad/pulse radiographic linac,using the stagger-tuning concept"
    R.K.Owen, M.V.Fazio, T.J.Boyd, IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci 30 (1983)3027-9
  18. "Neutron-proton decomposition of transition matrix elements from a comparison of 800 MeV proton scattering with electromagnetic methods" M.M.Gazzaly, N.M.Hintz, G.S.Kyle, R.K.Owen, G.W.Hoffmann, M.Barlett, G.Blanpied, Phys.Rev.C 25 (1982)408
  19. "Elastic and inelastic scattering of 0.8 GeV protons from 24Mg and 26Mg"
    G.S.Blanpied, N.M.Hintz, G.S.Kyle, G.S.Kyle, M.A.Franey, S.J.Seestrom-Morris, R.K.Owen, J.W.Palm, D.Dehnhard, M.L.Bartlett, C.J.Harvey, G.W.Hoffmann, J.A.McGill, R.P.Liljestrand, L.Ray, Phys.Rev.C 25 (1982)422

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