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The following URLs are special to the Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox and other browsers, in that they give information as to the state of the browser.

Those listed below as "clickable" means that the URLs can be placed in an HTML <A HREF="about:..."> statement in a webpage document. Those which are not, must be entered by hand into the Open URL dialog box. Also those which are "clickable" can be added as bookmarks, the other ones can not.

clickable Special URL Description
  about: Same as Help -> About
  about:about list all these about: URLs (Mozilla Suite only).
  about:plugins lists what plug-ins have been loaded. (No longer clickable in later versions.)
* about:blank displays a "blank" document. Good for WYSIWYG web page creation, I presume.
  about: shows the start-up page that is shown before the home page. This page gives the version and copyright notices.
  about:cache Show statistics regarding the disk cache and what files/pages are cached locally. Could access the memory and disk cache entries from here.
* about:credits A sizeable list of contributors to the browser project.
  about:config A sizeable list of configuration options for the browser.
* about:buildconfig Shows the configure options used to create the binary.
* about:license Shows the Mozilla Public License.
* about:logo Show the Mozilla logo.
* about:mozilla Shows a "quote" from the Book of Mozilla. Afterwards the Netscape logo will show a green monster bobbing up & down while downloading long documents, instead of the Netscape meteor shower. (Only in the 4.x line)
* about:neterror Shows the "OOPS!" page, and to click to try again. Mostly useless though.
* about:robots Just info about robots - a firefox3 Easter egg.
  about:global Used to give global history information as to what URLs have been visited and when. Later versions do nothing.
  about:image-cache Used to show statistics regarding the image disk cache and what images are cached locally. Later versions do nothing.
  about:document It was clickable and used to pop up another window with content URLs and file information of the current page. Later versions do nothing.
  about:memory-cache Used to show statistics regarding the memory cache and what pages are cached locally. Later versions do nothing.

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