(Dr.R.K.) Dr. C.T. Vanajakshi Letter

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30 Oct 1995

Dr. C.T. Vanajakshi
MS 233-3, NASA/ARC
Phone (415)604-xxxx

Ms. Kathy Parks
MS 258-6, NASA/ARC

Dear Ms. Parks,

I am an astrophysicist turned software engineer at NASA Ames Research Center. I have been here since 1985.

For the past two years I have had to seek the help of Ames User Services for help with my astrophysical models (Fortran codes), data conversion from PC diskettes to VAX/VMS systems and lately, for C program codes. For all these three projects Dr. Owen has been of invaluable help to me in resolving the problems in every single instance. He is very bright, knowledgeable and always willing to help. There has never been a time when he was either unable or unwilling to help. His suggestions have always been complete, thorough and correct.

He is polite, very helpful and never balks at going to any level of detail to locate the problem and resolve the issue when the situation demands it. I would particularly like to cite a specific instance in early 1994 when I needed to get results in a hurry to present at the conference on "Circumstellar Habitable Zones" conducted here at Ames. I had not worked on the specific model for sometime and was having trouble making it work again. In desperation I approached User Services for help and was directed to Dr. Owen. This was my first contact with him. He successfully located the problem, helped me resolve it and made it possible for me to present the results at the conference. Without his help it would not have been possible.

It is a source of great confidence to me that he is there to help when I need a knowledgeable source to draw on. He is a great asset to your group and I hope he will continue to be there for a long time.

(signed) C.T. Vanajakshi

Brought to you by: R.K. Owen,Ph.D.
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