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1 Title Robj Utility - Title
Sterling Software/NASA Ames Research Center



Monitoring Object Library Usage and Changes

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1.1 Abstract Robj Utility - Abstract


Monitoring Object Library Usage and Changes


The NASA Ames Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation program / Aeronautics Consolidated Supercomputing Facility (NAS/ACSF) supercomputing center services over 1600 users, and has numerous analysts with root access. Several tools have been developed to monitor object library usage and changes. Some of the tools do "non-invasive" monitoring and other tools implement run-time logging even for object-only libraries. The run-time logging identifies who, when, and what is being used. The benefits are that real usage can be measured, unused libraries can be discontinued, training and optimization efforts can be focused at those numerical methods that are actually used. An overview of the tools will be given and the results will be discussed.

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1.2 Days of Whine & Neuroses Robj Utility - Days of Whine & Neuroses

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1.3 Inodes & File Systems Robj Utility - Inodes & File Systems

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2 Non-Invasive Tools Robj Utility - Non-invasive Monitoring Tools

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2.1 libmon Robj Utility - Monitoring - libmon
Mon_Mar_06_1995_07:00 Wed_Feb_08_1995_09:39 LOG_CREATED
Tue_Aug_22_1995_17:00 Tue_Aug_22_1995_16:04 LIB_MODIFIED

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2.2 libuse Robj Utility - Usage Tracking - libuse
Mon_Mar_06_1995_17:00 LOG_CREATED
. . .
Mon_Jun_05_1995_11:30 LIB_MODIFIED
. . .

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2.3 libq Robj Utility - Log Files Galore - libq

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2.4 libdate Robj Utility - Front-End Scripts - libdate
#!/bin/csh -f
# front-end for slatec.doc - log time and user name
if ( -e /usr/local/bin/libdate ) then
  libdate -f /usr/spool/logs/slatec.log `logname`

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3 Daily Usage Robj Utility - Daily Usage

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3.1 Monthly Usage Robj Utility - Monthly Usage

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4 Run-Time Logging Robj Utility - Run-Time Logging

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4.1 Cray Relocatable Object Robj Utility - Cray Relocatable Object

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4.2 Cray BLD library Robj Utility - Cray BLD Library

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5 Object Modification Robj Utility - Object Modification - robj
  • Easier to modify objects or libraries
  • Parse relocatable objects & bld libraries
  • Modify selected entry names
    • MYSUBR -> MySuBr
  • Modify selected external references
  • Output front-end assembly code
  • Verify or reformat entry lists
  • Easier to modify objects or libraries

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    5.1 Modifying Libraries Robj Utility - Modifying Cray Libraries

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    5.2 Front-End Code Robj Utility - Front-End Code
    • User visible entry name
    • Call "diddled" library routine (same stack)
    • Save return value
    • Call logging routine
      • Pass routine name
    • Restore saved return value
    • Return to user program

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    5.3 Logging Robj Utility - Logging
    • Log to file or to daemon
    • Fail gracefully - if so inclined
    • Date & time, routine name, username
    • Example: libimsl20.log
    Wed_May_17_1995_08:49 L2TCG     filei
    Wed_May_17_1995_08:49 LFSCG     filei
    Fri_Jun_02_1995_16:54 QDAGS     mrgoers
    Wed_Jun_07_1995_17:26 QDAGS     mrgoers
    Wed_Jun_14_1995_15:57 LSGRR     ilu
    Thu_Jun_15_1995_08:40 LSGRR     ilu
    Thu_Jun_15_1995_08:47 LSGRR     ilu

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    6 On-Line Documentation - alldoc Robj Utility - On-Line Documentation - alldoc
    • Keyword search
    • Refine further searches
    • Documents come from source comment fields
      • f77head - selects comments from poorly structured sources
    • Can execute other commandline document facilities
    • Outputs brief description or full document

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    7 Conclusion Robj Utility - Conclusion
    • Several UNIX tools -
      • Monitor libraries
      • Track usage of libraries
      • Modify libraries
      • On-line documentation
    • Run-time usage of library routines
    • In use for 3 years
    • Further improvements

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